complete refurbishment top to bottom

new roof and wall coatings

new roof and wall coatings finish

barge board replacment in white plastic

barge board replacement in white plastic finish

drip board replacement in white pvc plastic

bottom skirting replacement in white plastic. there are a choice of colours

white plastic skirting finish

new canopy build to your size and choice in white plastic and decratile a choice of colours

new canopy build finish

decra tile cleaning and recolouring a choice off colours .before

cleaned and recoloured .after

replacment facia guttering downpipes. before

repalcement facia guttering down pipes a choice off colours.  after

replacement path and patio .before

replacement path and patio .  after

iron rail made to size and fitted

front gable to be repaired.  before

front gable repaired and installed white plastic cladding a choice off colours.  after

back wall completley repaired .before

back wall repaired

roof claened and recoloured, before

roof cleaned and recoloured after

brick work and steps cleaned and painted,before

brick work cleaned and painted,after

top gable removed and bottom skirting removed, before

top gable finished with white cladding and bottom skirting finish in white pvc,after

plastic work and painting, before

plastic work and painting ,after

plastic facia gable ends guttering down pipes bottom skirting and painted ,complete finish

new roof and pvc plastic, before

new roof and pvc plastic, after